The notorious ‘Bay Boys’ in Palos Verdes may lose their surf gang fort

My favorite thing about Rancho Palos Verdes isn’t the view — but the existence of an aggressive, middle-aged surf gang in Lunada Bay known as the “Bay Boys.”

Lunada Bay is one of the best spots in the South Bay, and according to this local surfer, used to be known as one of the premiere big wave spots around.

This group of area surfers are known to be insanely territorial to non-locals. Witnesses have accused them of slashing tires and assaulting outsiders in the water.

They even coordinated attacks with walkie-talkies. Allegedly.

Even veteran surfers are afraid of the Bay Boys. Surfer magazine recently listed Lunada Bay on its list of “five surf zones you should avoid no matter how good the waves are.”

“I wish the crowds from Santa Monica would descend on you f*cks,” a review reads on the Lunada Bay Yelp page.

“Life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what kind of assholes are lurking in wait while you take advantage of public right of access to the beach,” reads another.

So in other words, the Bay Boys need to chill.

They apparently built a stone fort decades ago and have maintained it “from generation to generation,” according to the LA Times. There have been several reports of the group using it as a party spot and fueling their ongoing bullying and intimidation of people arriving to use the public beach.

fort in lunada bay
FOX Los Angeles

On Tuesday, city leaders recommended demolishing the rich, old dudes’ fort (which is kind of funny in itself).

I realize that localism and disputes over beach access are nothing new.

But the Bay Boys also recently faced a federal class-action lawsuit led by an El Segundo police officer who said he was harassed several times trying to surf in the bay.

The officer, Cory Spencer, and Diana Milena Reed, another alleged harassment victim, finally said enough is enough and banded together with others.

The suit seeks a federal judge to prevent members of the gang from congregating at Lunada Bay. The suit also targeted the city of Palos Verdes Estates for not doing anything about it.

In summary, this story is very entertaining to me and should be made into a movie as soon as possible.

Perhaps starring Sean Penn as lead Bay Boy.

Just a thought.

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