Hiking Paseo Miramar to Parker Mesa Overlook in the Pacific Palisades


If you’re looking for a great workout with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, look no further than the Paseo Miramar Trail in the Pacific Palisades. It leads to this bench, called the Parker Mesa Overlook, on the west side of Topanga State Park. 

My co-worker @FoxyShells turned me onto this place. It’s magical.



There are several different ways to start this hike, but I’ve always found Paseo Miramar street parking fairly easy.

The hike is about 5.5 miles round trip.

On the way out, it’s uphill most of the way. But you get to see panoramic views of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Nothin’ but blue.


From an elevation of 1,525 feet at Parker Mesa Over (the bench spot), you can also see Downtown Los Angeles, the South Bay cities and Catalina Island.


How to get there: Take Pacific Coast Highway to Sunset Boulevard, turn at Paseo Miramar and drive until it dead ends. Park on the street. The trailhead is next to a large, white house.

GPS Trailhead address: 899 Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


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