Should terrorism keep you from traveling?

Brussels, Belgium. It’s a funny place to visit, in my humble opinion.

The food is on another level. Visitors enjoy ridiculously-topped waffles, quality Belgian chocolates, frites and loads of craft beers.

belgium 2

belgium 3

Belgium 4

People speak French, but then you also see signs in Dutch.

belgium 5

You kinda wanna take a selfie with Manneken Pis (an oddly famous statue of a little guy peeing) but aren’t exactly sure why.

belgium 6

The street markets and antique flea markets are the perfect Sunday outing — and the grandeur of Grand Place will make your jaw drop.

flea market 1

grand place 2

grand place 3

Traveling at its very heart is about overcoming prejudice and assumptions, learning the reality behind the veil of the media and being a compassionate citizen of the world.

But fear closes us off and can make us hateful.

Attacks in Brussels, Istanbul, AnkaraParis and other senseless acts of violence in recent months are part of a continued mission to make us afraid. Travel works against the purposes of ISIS and other terror groups because it encourages human understanding and empathy.

“Europe symbolizes many things but, to many of us, it stands for an advanced civil society, one in which freedoms are respected and protected, differing views are tolerated, and life can be lived with both honor and joy.” – Travel + Leisure’s Editor-in-Chief Nathan Lump

These attacks remind me of why it’s important to learn and teach tolerance and respect — and to continue exploring different places with vigilance.

It seems like the real point of terrorism is not the act, but our reaction to it.

Belgium 8

And on that note — I’ll leave you with this.

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  1. Love your way to think: “…the real point of terrorism is not the act, but our reaction to it.”
    Great post!


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