The Atlantis of Southern California: Explore ‘Sunken City’ in San Pedro

There’s an abandoned, graffiti-covered “Sunken City” off the coast of Southern California, and the view alone is reason to find it.



Los Angeles’ San Pedro neighborhood apparently suffered a massive landslide in the 1920s, sending beach bungalows, sidewalks and roadways tumbling down the cliffside toward the ocean.

Today, the area near Point Fermin Park draws a ton of visitors despite being off-limits (you literally have to shimmy under this fence pictured below to reach it).




Upon spending an afternoon there, you’ll see groups of young people hanging out on the cliffs, empty Tecate beer cans scattered about and possibly catch a contact high.

It’s like the barriers and No Trespassing signs are just a friendly suggestion.

The area has also drawn artists over the years, using the concrete slabs as a canvas to create beautiful and continually-changing works of art.





If you watched AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” Sunken City briefly appeared in last year’s finale.

There’s been a push to open the apocolyptic-looking area during daylight hours, and a $100,000 geological study was set to begin in March 2016 with a goal of finding ways to lower the danger risk in the cliff-top area by potentially removing some of the debris.

If you like staring into the blue abyss of the Pacific Ocean and hiking to weird places, Sunken City is the spot. Wear good shoes and clothes you don’t care about, because you’ll be covered in dirt by the end of it.

Oh and bring a buddy! I went with my friend Karen (@flipsidemcd).





There’s a lot of free parking at Point Fermin Park too.

Sunken City is located at 500 W Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro, California.

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