Wayfarers Chapel: The most beautiful glass church you ever saw

Just south of Los Angeles, you’ll find a little glass chapel overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


The Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes was built by architect Lloyd Wright, son of uber famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as a natural sanctuary set in the midst of a forest.

And that it is.



“I wanted particularly to allow those trees and those trunks to be seen and the space beyond and into infinity to be observed, so those who sat in the sanctuary would perceive the grandeur of space out beyond and around them,” he said.

Wright was apparently inspired by a trip through the redwood forests of Northern California shortly after the end of World War II.

While having lunch at a little restaurant, he looked up through a skylight and saw the redwoods rising up on the sides and branches overhead “like a great natural cathedral,” the official website says.

“In earlier days all over the face of the earth there were chapels in glades and the woods which were meeting places for the priests and the people. The Chapel was to be a place for people to meet, and think, and contemplate the forces of nature and God Almighty. The setting of this Chapel is to receive people, the wayfarers.”

Wayfarer means a person who travels, especially on foot.



Today, it’s free to visit with plenty of parking, a convenient visitor’s center and restrooms.

The view of the never-ending ocean is incredible.



You can sit at this fountain and admire the intrinsic beauty of it all.



If you’re looking for a place to escape for an hour or two, this is it.

The chapel is also listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. If you’d like to donate to the Wayfarers Chapel Fund for the Future, you can do so here.


Wayfarers Chapel is located at 5755 Palos Verdes Dr. in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

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  1. I don’t know if special events like weddings are ever held at the Wayfarer’s Chapel, but they should be. The chapel and the scenery are beautiful, thanks for sharing the pictures. It really makes me want to move to LA so that I can experience it. As it is I will just have to visit and put this chapel on my bucket list.


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