The Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake is delightfully charming

If you drive at night through the neighborhood of Silver Lake, you’ll find a romantic Sycamore tree illuminated with 30 vintage chandeliers.

I dislike the term “hidden gem” because it is thrown around so often, but seriously—it kind of is.


Adam Tenenbaum, who lives at the 2811 W. Silver Lake Drive home, salvaged the lights from a set-building job and started hanging them seven years ago.

“Everyone went nuts. They loved it,” he told the LA Times about the neighbors’ reaction.



With the help of roommate Brion Topolski, they rewired and weatherproofed more chandeliers, acquired from swap meets and donations.

The front yard has since become an enchanting landmark for visitors near and far.

First dates, photoshoots, marriage proposals and music videos have all happened beneath the enchanting tree.

Around last night… #ChandelierTree #dtla

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I know you can't see my face but OHMAGAWD pretty lights make me so so happy 🎇

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It makes people smile!

Tenenbaum also installed a decorated parking meter in front of the tree to help foot the electricity bill, which not surprisingly averages about $200 a month.


“I think there’s something about lights that, maybe at least in this way, are a little more magical… that kind of cut across generations because all the neighbors and kids come by and they feel free to stop here and play here and hang here,” Tenenbaum says in a video about the tree.

The official hours are 7 to 9 p.m. daily. The tree even has its own Facebook and Yelp page if you’d like to read the glowing reviews.

If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out!

Fair warning: it’ll have you singing Sia’s Chandelier song over and over and over.

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  1. soooo cool. i heard of the chandelier house… not this, though. wow! love the video.


  2. How Fun! I want to try and see that while I am here for the week!


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