If the Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles were a woman

If the Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles had a woman’s name, it would be something like Florence, Victoria or Pearl.

Built in 1893, the historic landmark sits inconspicuously at the corner of Broadway and West 3rd Street.

A visitor might unknowingly walk past to the popular Grand Central Market or Million Dollar Theater across the street, but if you walk inside, you’ve suddenly time-traveled back 100 years.

It has a bright Victorian-era lobby with marble stairs and open cage elevators.

And people actually work here!

It’s served as an office for most of its existence, including the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division.

Florence or Victoria or Pearl (whatever we’re calling her) has also had many supporting roles in films, television shows and music videos—Blade Runner and 500 Days of Summer are two of my favorites.

Visitors can’t go past the first landing, but it’s an architectural delight that is free to check out if you’re in the area.

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  1. Wanting to visit this building someday. No excuses for someone from LA. Thanks for the reminder! 👋👍


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