Under the Santa Monica Pier is way cooler than up top

Headshot Alley.

That’s how one person recently described the area around the famous Santa Monica Pier to me.


Photo: kmtwanderlust

On any given evening at sunset, you’ll find a multitude of photographers with models (or kids, families, engaged couples, newlyweds, yogis, etc) posing in front of the iconic backdrop. 

example 2

photoshoot 2

photoshoot 3

Between the amusement park rides and picturesque coastline, the busy Santa Monica Pier has peak California vibes. And the lighting is on point.

But under the boardwalk, it’s like walking through a giant kaleidoscope. 

Photo: kmtwanderlust

The light filters through dozens and dozens of poles during golden hour.


There’s an intense smell of the salt water, and the waves crash loudly against the pier. You suddenly feel a little nostalgia for young love too.




It’s a great spot for a photo-op or to just sit and admire.


And it’ll have you singing “Under the Boardwalk” all day long.

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  1. Marcia Knepshield November 11, 2015 — 3:44 pm

    Excellent commentary. I would love to visit there one day!


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