PHOTOS: The colorful stairs of Silver Lake

If stair climbing is your thing, Silver Lake has steps on steps on steps—and some of them are works of art.

The Piano Stairs are located off of Sunset Boulevard. Park near Ali Mama Cafe at 3229 W. Sunset Boulevard, and you’ll find this musical set of cement steps just to the left.




Search the tag #StairTempo on Instagram and you’ll find lots of other stair musicians.

Just down the block at the intersection of Micheltorena Street and Sunset Boulevard, there’s some hidden #StairCandy called the Micheltorena Stairs.

It is the happiest set of stairs you’ll ever climb.




Both were painted by the talented Corinne Carrey.

And while you’re at it, there are dozens more.

Silver Lake has 52 historic stairways, dating back to a time when most residents didn’t have cars.  Thanks to the Adopt-A-Stairway program, there has been a solid effort to preserve and beautiful them.

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The Swan Stairs recently got a makeover by artist Evelyn Leigh, who painted a brightly-colored and geometric mural along the steps.

You can’t go wrong with climbing stairs. Grab a friend, and make a day out of it!

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