PHOTOS: Beverly Hills is winning the tree game

On any given street in Beverly Hills, the trees match.


Seriously. If you walk or drive through the 90210, you can’t help but notice all of the neatly manicured trees that line each and every street.

It’s excessive and beautiful at the same time. Like everything in this neighborhood.

“(The city) was planned in every sense. From the streets being laid out, from the trees that were designated on each street,” said Gail Stein, archivist for the Beverly Hills Public Library.  “The type of trees, the size of the lot…”

It’s an eden of perfect Maples and Oaks and California Bays, and the city remains dedicated to keeping it this way.



“We have about 35,000 species of plants, flowers and trees throughout the city,” Beverly Hills Tourism Communications Manager Claire Delacruz Soe told me.



Visitors always flock to the flashy Rodeo Drive or get a fancy latte at Urth Caffe, but I’m telling you—the trees are where it’s at.

Next time your in the neighborhood, take a cruise down Beverly Drive and admire the tall and swaying palms.


“I don’t have a favorite, but most of the streets north of Santa Monica Blvd – Canon, Crescent and Beverly – are really lovely,” Soe added. “The palm tree-lined streets are so iconic to Beverly Hills. Feels like you’ve arrived!”

It’s quite possibly the best part of Beverly Hills.


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  1. Those are gorgeous. I don’t connect LA with trees at all, except maybe palm trees, but clearly I’m wrong looking at these photos.


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