LA street artist Morley knows your struggle

A writer turned street artist in Los Angeles, Morley aims to create work that someone—anyone—can relate to.

My friend Karen ( introduced me to Morley and we went to his temporary show at Stone Malone Gallery on Melrose Avenue.

“I came here to be a writer, but like many artists in LA, I grew tired of constantly trying to get financial permission to make something, only to then struggle to get people to come and read/watch/care about what I had done,” he explained for his show SKYWRITING. “I decided instead of inviting an audience to look at my work, I would invade their world with it.”

His pieces usually feature a cartoon version of himself writing sentences and sometimes even whole paragraphs that range from soul-searching to silly. Often they are thoughts that make you stop and ponder for a second, which usually result in a smile.

“My aim was always to offer the relief that comes when you discover that you’re not alone. That someone else feels it too, gets it too.”

The prolific street artist has pasted his work all over the city, taking time to self-reflect on the right message to leave behind.

“The question became, what would I say?… What would mean something to me if I passed it after a long day of work, or while stuck in traffic with a broken AC, or after facing just one more person saying ‘no thanks, maybe next time?'”

In this world of comment board debates and trolls and innumerable pieces of floating disinformation, I believe it's important to live out your beliefs in real life with real people. One of the reasons for this is it gives back some humanity to the way we converse. We are looking someone in the eye and realizing that they are just a person too- and maybe we don't need to use smug name calling and ALL CAPS expletives to get our point across. Respecting someone's right to have a differing opinion is the only way you will ever convince someone to actually listen to you and perhaps even see your side. The internet has given us an infinite ability to communicate with each other- but it has taken the soul out of these communications. I'm not saying we should throw our laptops in the ocean- I'm just saying that if our only tool to express our beliefs is one that is often so toxic- and that you're not trying to make practical changes in the physical world based on your convictions- then you're falling short of your potential… And so are your ideas. #morley #morleyart #morleystreetart #streetart #publicart #art #losangeles #losangelesstreetart #lastreetart #wheatpaste

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Who doesn’t miss building a multi-room blanket fort in their living room as a child?
His show SKYWRITING is free to check out and will be open through Oct. 31.

Even if you don’t make it to the show, keep an eye out next time you’re at a red light or pounding the pavement on foot.

Perhaps you’ve been going through a rough patch or simply having a bad day.

His words just might stop you in your tracks.

See more of his art here.

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