Outdoorsy is the Airbnb for RV rentals

Have you ever wanted to take the great American RV road trip or go to Burning Man in style without having to actually own the gigantic vehicle?

Well, this startup is about to make your wildest dreams come true.

Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of RV rentals that recently launched nationwide.

Here’s how it works: Owners list their personal RVs on the site’s marketplace, where potential renters can decide on the vehicle that looks the best for them. It’s a cool idea for owners to make money off of their rigs, since they probably aren’t using them all the time.

Photo: Outdoorsy
Photo: Outdoorsy

The concept of renting an RV isn’t new, but most of the options like Cruise America are a bit “corporate” with logos plastered on the side.

In other words, they aren’t as charming.

outdoorsy 2
Photo: Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy seems to provide a lot of flexibility to RV owners. According to the site’s FAQ, owners have full control of price, availability, cancellation policy and who is allowed to book. So you can say no to sketch balls or people who want to travel with 3 birds and 12 dogs.

Both the renter and the owner are also covered by a $1 million liability insurance policy.

Outdoorsy taps into a market of “young and upwardly mobile 20-somethings in search of new experiences,” as TechCrunch reports.

You know, the millenials, and other reluctant-to-own-anything kind of people, who seek experiences over material possessions.

If you’re lucky, the site claims some owners “will even stock the fridge full of cold ones upon request.”

At the very least, this startup provides more reasons to say the word Winnebago.

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