The Beautiful & Mysterious Geisha On Abbot Kinney Boulevard 

“Inspiration is a gift from the universe, talent is an ability to bring it to fruition and humility is what you should achieve when you share it.” —Fin DAC


This mural titled “Hiko” by artist Fin DAC is along Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

Fin DAC is a self-taught street artist who’s spent most of his time in London. According to his Facebook page, he uses an atypical paint/stencil style that “ignores the accepted visual language of street art almost completely.”

He’s a non-conformist and aims to stand out. Like most artists 🙂

Some of Fin DAC’s commercial work includes commissions for Red Bull, Jaegermeister and the London Olympics 2012.

If you follow his Tumblr or Instagram, you’ll see his beautiful urban aesthetics throughout the world — a lot of women with the signature painted mask over their eyes.

The “Asian pop” theme in his work definitely catches your eye. In fact, I was driving down Abbot Kinney and actually pulled over after seeing a quick glimpse of this mural from my car.

There’s something so fascinating about Geisha. Often mistaken for prostitutes, Geisha and Maiko (the apprentice Geisha) are centuries-old performing artists and held to high esteem. They are professionals in traditional Japanese culture and entertainment. Not only hostesses, but they are classically trained musicians and dancers.

And you train for life. Kind of like a doctor.

They live in a closed world of mystery and secrecy, which is why there are dozens of online articles about how to spot one in Kyoto, Japan.

Lucky for you, this beautiful woman is on the side of the old Sunya Currie store in Venice, California.

How to find the geisha mural: 1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

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