This Guy Made Crosswalks Way Better By Adding A Fist-Bump

An artist set up a fist-bump crosswalk in different places around Los Angeles — and it is the best thing.

Alfredo Adan said his experience working for an advertising agency means he’s always looking around for inspiration, which led him to create the #WalkBump.

He put the Walk Bumps at intersections in Echo Park, Silver Lake, Arts District and Venice Beach (which have since been taken down).

#walkbump is something I can get behind

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Adan told me via email:

“One day I was waiting in the crosswalk looking at the button and instead of pushing in a common way, I just bumped it and then I said to myself, “why not reproduce a real fist and glue it to the button?”

Why not, right? I don’t want to push the button to cross, I want to EFFING POUND IT.

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Provided photo
Provided photo

Besides, everyone knows the friendly fist-bump has way more social significance than your run-of-the-mill handshake or high five. It’s also more hygienic.

*explodes fist bump* 


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