The Street Art House: Celebrating LA’s Urban Art Scene (PHOTOS)

One beautiful thing about Los Angeles is the art on buildings, sidewalks, utility boxes, hiking trails and more. Some of the best artists in the world come here to leave their mark — and they leave behind masterpieces!

You can be casually walking down the sidewalk and stumble upon this angelic mural:

#wings #nohands

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Or a mosaic masterpiece by @love_berto:

Or this nice reminder from Charlie Chaplin:

The Street Art House celebrates all of this.

The pop-up gallery, featuring a handful of local street artists, was held for a week in Marina Del Rey with the goal of creating more awareness of public art and the need for artists to express themselves in this type of urban environment.

Wrdsmth is one artist I’ve been following on Instagram since I moved here. Using stenciling and wheatpasting, he leaves witty and motivational thoughts around the city with his trademark typewriter.

He also seems like a romantic.

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In total, there were 10 artists in the show: Christina Angelina, Hagop, Colette Miller, Rolland Berry, Wrdsmth, Calen Blake, FISHE and HANS WALØR.

Here are some of the photos I took:

Rolland Berry
Christina Angelina
Colette Miller
Christina Angelina
Christina Angelina
My friend Karen ( posing with Colette Miller
IMG_6031 (1)
Colette Miller

Here is my personal favorite:


Next time you see a beautiful mural on a building or a witty phrase pasted on a utility box, think about its significance.

Street art is 21st century cave paintings. It reflects the realities of our culture, it beautifies a space, it serves as social commentary or it might just be there to make you smile.

#HeyArnold #kmtwanderlust

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If you missed the show, you can still purchase some of the work and print versions at

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  1. Street art is probably feedback against the idea that only “a small percentage of art” ever makes it into the public eye. The street is an everyman’s forum. – JM


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