Visiting Red Bull International HQ & Lake Fuschlsee In Austria (PHOTOS)

If there was a competition for dopest company headquarters building, Red Bull would be in first place.

Red Bull GmbH HQ in Fuschl am See, Austria. (Kelly Taylor, 2011)

If you’re planning to visit Salzburg, this is a must-see.

Let me quickly set the stage:

Red Bull has become a multi-platform publishing empire that also happens to sell billions of energy drinks. Founder Dietrich Mateschitz took a drink that helped his jet-lag and turned it into one of the world’s most well-known brands with an unparalleled marketing strategy.

Dietrich is a God in Austria. And this is the place that got him there.

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The Red Bull International Headquarters is located in Fuschl am See, which is a small lake town between Salzburg and Bad Ischl.  If you’re visiting Salzburg, it’s easy to access by bus and is only a 30 minute scenic ride.

The “Fuschl am See Ortsmitte” stop will put you right in the center.

And when you arrive, you’ll know it was worth it.

Fuschl am See, Austria (Kelly Taylor, 2011)

Two of the main Red Bull buildings are shaped like volcanoes. While you probably won’t be able to explore the inside, the backdrop is beautiful and reminiscent of “The Soouuund of Music 🎶.”

(Kelly Taylor, 2011)

(Kelly Taylor, 2011)

Not far from the Red Bull property is Lake Fuschlsee. The area feels like a painting come to life with beautiful shades of blue and emerald green. The water is really clear. In fact, the lake is so clean that underwater visibility can be as much as 20 feet.

(Kelly Taylor, 2011)

The walking trails around the lake — roughly 7 miles total — will guide you through quaint towns, wooded area, countryside, a dock and beach with fishing, golf courses and even a hidden nude beach if you look hard enough.


If you’re in Salzburg, this is a great day excursion and the hike is not to be missed.

Also, pack a Red Bull for the road. When in Rome, right? 😉


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