There Could Soon Be A Party Train From LA To Vegas

No more sitting in traffic in the middle of the desert on the I-15 Freeway? I’m down.

If all goes as planned, you’ll soon be able to hop on board at the Fullerton Transportation Center in Orange County and ride to the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas (map).

XTrain, the company behind the travel, has reportedly been planning to revive a route for the past five years.

Tickets go on sale in September for the inaugural ride on New Year’s Eve, according to the XTrain Facebook page. The company will sell 350 coach tickets for $99 each each way and then 150 first class and VIP tickets at an unlisted price.

Photo courtesy of XTrain / Facebook.
Photo courtesy of XTrain / Facebook.

After the NYE trip, the service will supposedly run like a private charter for special occasions.

Food and drinks will also be offered during the journey, the company says.

Now, it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt. XTrain didn’t issue an official press release, and LA Magazine points out that its Facebook posts are littered with typos.

A party train to Vegas is long overdue, however — so cross your fingers!

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