Santa Monica Stairs: Quick Facts And How To Find Them

There is no better way to work the bum, get a mean cardio workout and breathe in the fresh air than by climbing stairs!


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Los Angeles has a ton of staircases, some more popular than others, including the Santa Monica Stairs and the Culver City steps leading to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

The Santa Monica Stairs are located off of Adelaide Drive (map) near the Pacific Palisades, they’re free and open to the public 24/7.

There are two different sets:

The wooden steps are a straight shot up and are wider across, separated by three landings. There are about 170 steps with an overall vertical change of about 109 feet, roughly similar to climbing an eight-story building.santa monica stairs via posh granola

The concrete ones are winding with several left and right turns. There are approximately 189 steps with an overall vertical elevation of about 111 feet.

santa monica stairs via yelp

Before you go:
-The steps can be found on Adelaide Drive between 4th Street and 7th Street.
-Parking is probably easiest on San Vicente Boulevard (two blocks from Adelaide Drive).
-The steps are right in the middle of a residential neighborhood, so be respectful and keep the noise down.
-Bring water, headphones and a power playlist.
-Depending on what time you go, the steps can get CROWDED. Don’t text and climb.
-Do the loop! Some people run up the wooden steps and down the concrete or vice versa. Add a jog in between if you’re feeling it.

stairs cropped

Need a little extra motivation to take on the Santa Monica Stairs? Read 20 facts about why stair climbing does the body good.

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